Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fear and loathing in doctoral studies...

Dear blogger forgive me it has been sometime since I last posted. 

Dear reader 

This blog has lost its way. Or rather this blogger has lost her way. Sometime ago I thought this was a twitter related thing but barely tweet anything worth reading there at the moment either...

Tomorrow I am due to present my PhD research so far.... this goes on and on. I have been delayed somewhat of late. Partly due to what I realise is pure fear! Fear of not completing (I know go figure, pull your finger out and bloody well get on with it), fear of my intended sample group not playing ball. Okay what else? oh yes fear of the whole scale of the thing.

This will not be news for anyone else who has embarked on this particular journey. It is a slog and as I've mentioned here before with all the other family and work things going on there is little time, at least not the right sort of concentrated time I could do with to fully engage with the process. Anyway these may all be excuses. Think I need to figure out a solution here. 

Okay I have a much more positive post to write about some other new, interesting and thoroughly distracting pieces of research I've been working on. 

Incidentally I might give this blog another chance. If I get a chance I'll update on tomorrow's event.