Friday, March 10, 2006

Yikes I'm on a roll

Not quite.

Just wanted to mention, briefly, another blog of mine that might be of interest to some of you.

Another project I am working on called Agender (an EQUAL ESF project) have positively encouraged the use of blogging as an ongoing part of the research process (part of a wider desire for complete transparency). I really welcome this approach as having worked on public funded research projects in the past I have always found the line between what is public, when does it become public and what is owned by the funders rather ambiguous.

This approach also offers me the opportunity to get feedback, provides an ongoing platform to share idea with other partners in the project and hopefully contributes to the wider learning of the partnership as we go rather than a just a weighty report at the end.

Anyway I'm in danger of ranting. The project itself is looking at non-traditional job roles e.g: women into construction, IT , software design and men into childcare - it's early days but do take a look Agender Blog.


Mark McGuinness said...

Well this is topical for me as I'm about to start a research project on the creative industries and am thinking about how to use my blog to support the research and publish the findings. Any tips welcome!

Charlotte Carey said...


Thank you for your comments, certainly the role of the blog and the researcher is an intersting one (I think there may be a paper in there somewhere!!). However it seems to be becoming increasinly common as the researchers in my department are starting to 'come out' about there blogging activity. Prior to this I think there was a slight sense that we might get in some sort of trouble but with external projects now requesting blogs hey what can we do?

Incidentally your site and work looks interesting. I believe the MA at Warwick is good a colleague of mine recently graduated from it.

We have a similarish MA starting through our school of Art and design in September (which I am going to be tracking for research purposes)it is a pilot. I'd certainly be interested to keep in touch with regard to your research.

Following a recent conference we ran here on enterprise curriculum in CI HE I am trying to organise some small research seminars - perhaps you'd be interested?

Mark McGuinness said...


Thanks, yes do let me know about the seminars. I'll let you know details of my research when I get started.