Friday, October 06, 2006

Writing writing writing

Being a researcher (which I thoroughly enjoy incidentally) seems to go something like this: Have an idea, read, read, read then read a bit more, figure out whether your idea has been done before, go a head and pilot your idea (i.e ask some people some questions about some stuff), read a bit more, analyse the answers to the questions figure out how they fit with what other people say and think, have some of your own ideas, read a lot more and then write, write, write and write a bit more with intermittent reading.

Now for someone like me who went to Art School and struggled a little with English, Grammar etc this writing bit can be tough. However this research gig is giving me no end of practice and I am delighted to have received, today, a copy of the most recent edition of Education and Training (a refereed, academic journal no less) where on page 518 can be found:

Enterprise curriculum for creative industries students; an exploration of current issues and attitudes

Written by myself and co-authored by Annette Naudin, the recently appointed lecturer for Screen Media Lab and BIAD's MA in Media Enterprise, of which I am the researcher - capturing the journey of the students.This paper highlights some of the key issues and features of creative industries curriculum related to enterprise and entrepreneurship, taking as it's basis the findings from our Creative Enterprise Conference way back in January 2006 - check back for an update as a new paper is in the pipeline following up on some of these findings....
As ever any feedback welcome.

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