Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Apologies for previous post it probably made little sense to anyone other than those involved a sort of 'had to be there' type thing. Anyway I have subsequently had some thoughts on how my blog can help facilitate and maybe be a kind of layman's version of my PhD. I have had over the last couple of years some extremely useful feedback from folks on the general stream of consciousness that seems to make its way onto these 'pages' I have also found it a useful place to direct people when my university webpage is really rather static and gives only a snapshot of what I am working on (although a much more recent pic). Still I thought to get my head into gear and think through how I might use this blog for the purpose of my PhD I would start by cataloguing where I am now and where I am struggling and what will happen next. Although I didn't think this was going to be a 'diary' type thing I think it may turn into one.

Incidentally is it just me or does Safari not like the spell check in blogger?

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