Friday, June 08, 2007

Coming up

I am busy completing a report for some evaluation I have been involved in. This has been of the TE3 (technology enhanced enterprise education) project, a generally successful collaboration between 12 regional (West Midlands, UK) universities who have been developing electronic teaching materials for teaching enterprise.

I presented a paper in Lancaster based on this research a couple of weeks ago and am now writing, as I say, the final report which will be available at the TE3 open day in July - this is a free event and I will be doing a brief turn in the afternoon reporting back on this evaluation.


Annette said...


This does look very interesting and I'll try to get to the conference. I'd like a copy of your paper anyway.


Charlotte Carey said...

Final report just about complete and being reviewed by a colleague - this should be available from the TE3 project following the open day.


Charlotte Carey said...

Apologies available from the TE3 website is what I meant to say