Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog doubt and lack of focus

I've been reading a lot of other peoples blogs lately and becoming more inclined to comment on what they've got to say. This has led me to reflect on this blog which has been ticking a long for the last couple of years with occasional spurts of activity and then longer periods of inactivity. I've been beginning to think what's it all for? Who exactly am I writing this for? who benefits and is any of it of any interest or value to me or to anyone else? Perhaps the fact that I am questioning this in the first place is a sign.

So this posting is based on that reflection and for me to consider and re-state (for my own benefit) the purpose and scope of this blog. I think originally it was to accompany my research, get some comments and feedback from other folks working in the field. I guess also to help me reflect on all the stuff I 'take in' through reading, interviewing people and generally absorbing through my work and life. The benefit to me is that it is a non-academic environment to write freely.

Perhaps I am in a state of flux? I am a little unfocussed, I work on a number of research projects, usually related to gender or enterprise or the creative industries and if I am lucky they collide and in so doing have relevance to my PhD stuff. When reflecting with colleagues about another project (wellbeing and work/life balance stuff) I realised that my own work/life balance is shot. Ah you see - I am way off topic! Or perhaps there is a link here. The point really is that I am currently so overwhelmed with all the various projects I am working on that I am struggling to focus on the big one. This blog was intended to help me focus on my personal research and right now it is not working. So what to do? Give up? (Anyone who knows me knows I am pretty crummy at giving things up - although a blog is hardly a vice - unless I suppose if it is coming from some sort of narcissistic position - will have to ask psychologist friends).

One of the benefits of this blog is that it has introduced me to a bunch of people and opportunities I wouldn’t have had previously, and which relate to my research. On that basis it would be worth continuing. It has also offered me the opportunity to try out some ideas or describe them at least. However whether I have anything interesting/of value to say right now is an issue. I am interested - why do other people blog? What do they get out of it? How often do you doubt your blogs purpose? And why do we need to share? i.e. why am I going to click the publish button right about now?!?

For now I am done.

Incidentally I lasted three days when I gave up coffee last week - so expect a posting by the end of the week.


Jafabrit said...

My blog is an another way of doing what I have always done and that is keep a artistic type journal/sketchbook. It is like a blank page in my sketchbook to play with only it's electonic and I can add music and video. What I get out of it the same as what I get out of the process of creating any artwork. As an artist I like to share what I create, but the added element is that I can interact with others, and most of all my family and friends overseas and across the united states can see what I am up to.

Charlotte Carey said...

Thanks for this Jafabrit. I was an artist myself at one point so get the whole sketch book thing- I hadn't quite thought of it like that but you're right it is a very similar process albeit more public.

Thank you

Aeioux said...

Hi Charlotte,

I had a similar problem when I was blogging as '3form'. We had a company blog where we would all post things.

The trouble was that I was finding that I was blocking myself from posting because I didn't feel certain things were 'on topic'.

So - I started my own _personal_ blog without any specific remit - just publishing whatever I am working on or thinking about.

That really helped.

Perhaps you've moved on from the 'Creative Enterprise' catch-all.

How about starting another blog? Just call it Charlotte Carey and be done?

And another great way of getting into the habit of publishing stuff is using micro-blogging. Get a account?

This week I found out that my mum is using my blog to keep up with what I'm up to! That makes it all worthwhile :-)

Charlotte Carey said...

Thanks Stef

I have got a (recently started) personal blog:
which is intended to be for me to waffle about whatever happens to be on my mind. I think this blog identity confusion is just mirroring my own head space - which is possibly a little crowded right now and it is sort of hard to figure out how to manage all the stuff, especially as I really need to remain focussed on PhD stuff (creative enterprise) - it's tricky.

BTW did you really post this at 3.43a.m? is your baby keeping you a wake?


Aeioux said...

Heh - you guessed it! And once I was up that was about it...