Friday, May 02, 2008

Creative Enterprise 2008 Presentations and speaker info all online

Had all the stuff from the Creative Enterprise 2008 conference through yesterday, which has been neatly packaged into a press release and a section on our Media Depts - website with all the speaker presentations and biog details. According to the press release here's what I said at the time with regard to the relationship between schools of Art and Design and Business schools in terms of delevering enterprise education:

"We had some interesting comments about collaborations between Art, Media and Design faculties and business schools which suggested some tensions, however the conference highlighted how, at least two institutions had navigated this and benefited. What is clear however is that the pros and cons of such collaborations are somewhat uncharted."


Anonymous said...

Tensions in cross-faculty collaboration? Never! ;-)

There generally seems to be a positive move towards this kind of collaboration, which seems more like common sense than a new revolution.

There are of course, hint hint, other faculties that are involved in the creative enterprise field not mentioned here....and that's not a complaint....but I hope however which way, they get themselves involved too.

Together, we are most definitely stronger!

Charlotte Carey said...

Hi Hemminac

Thanks for your comments.

The cross-faculty bit was about the experience of several different universities represented at the conference, not specifically about my/our own place of work - although of course we do enjoy, increasingly, some positive cross-faculty working.

With regads to the 'other faculties not mentioned' the conference was not about the experience of one university. One area of collaboration from within our instution was highlighted.

This time around the conference was specifically focussing on teaching enterprise and enterprsie pedagogies for creative disciplines within HE - this realted to that collaboration.

But certainly, I am sure there is scope for wider collaboration internally and please do email if you feel I can help facilitate in anyway.

Kindest Regards