Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Community managers for start-ups

Following today's TE3 Open day and discussion around how, as enterprise educators, we can help students consider their marketing strategies. I came across this link courtesy of local journalist Joanna Geary about whether or not start-up owners can manage their own online communities.

Great to meet everyone who came today - I'll try and blog in more detail about the event in the next few days.

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Annette Naudin said...

Interestimg article and I had not come across the idea of a community manager as a paid post. Most small businesses I know are using social media newtorks in a very ad hoc way. This suggests a more structured & strategic approach which might encourage the idea of evaluating the impact. I'm all for just going out there and having a go, testing things out, but I think that small businesses also need to find mechanism for measuring the impact and benefits of social media networking activities.