Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Hello BCU

Today I am due to present to some colleagues about why I blog. So thought I'd I've myself literally 5 minutes to put down as many reasons as possible:
write down ideas
brain dump
practise articulating
raise profile
manage profile
have profile
have online presence
be myself
be me
write some more
have ideas
exorcise ideas that won't develop
have ideas that might develop
come back to things
a repository of ideas and thoughts
figure stuff out
things to go back to when ideas dry up
think about multiple perspectives
avoid mentioning names
research ethics
note to self
link to people
link to events
link to research
link me to literature
connect me to people
association with events and people and places
tell my story..........

I think I could go on and on. Blimey the endless benefits. Others might mention the 'conversation' being part of, and contributing to, the conversation around my research area.

Okay my blog has also just proved useful to thinking about what I might say this afternoon! Happy day.

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Annette said...

Another thing to add about you as a blogger (from a non blogger)is that it makes you take risks. By trying out ideas and sharing them you are less precious and you welcome feedback.
Finally, different people blog for different reasons. Sometimes they dont know why until they start doing it.