Friday, October 23, 2009

Did you graduate from Wolverhampton Fine Art 1994?

Ok so some folks will have noticed some recent Twitter and Facebook activity from me asking the question in the title of this post.  If you did graduate from Fine Art 1994 from Wolverhampton. Then please let yourself be known and I'll forward the link to a simple career history survey - it should only take 10 minutes. Here is some of what I've said to the participants:

This survey is for graduates of Wolverhampton University's 1994 Fine Art Alumni. The survey is part of Charlotte Carey's PhD research. The research seeks to understand links between gender and entrepreneurship within the creative industries. Any information you contribute will be stored securely and your name will never be attributed to any of the data offered. This survey is aimed to capture the career paths of a cohort of creative industries graduates. I am hoping that the 1994 Fine art Wolverhampton alumni will participate in this study.

As part of the process of reaching this sample group I am making use of social media with the hope of generating a snowballing effect. Whereby one participant will forward information about the survey to their contacts within the grouping. This is proving harder than expected, partly due to the nature, amount of time that has passed and individuals names changing (through marriage etc.). An approach I am taking is to leverage my own social media networks in order to try to reach this group. All help is gratefully received. If you are or know of anyone within this grouping then please contact me directly via twitter @charlottecarey or simply respond to this posting in the comments.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Charlotte,
We have a lot of interests in common. I hope you'll keep posting your ideas about the overlap between art/design education and enterprise education.