Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Blogging again

S0 another year went by and I didn't blog. Oops.

Recently I've been talking to my Digital Marketing students about blogging and encouraging them to set up blogs, develop their online presence and it occurred to me that perhaps I ought to be setting a slightly better example. I also figured that from a research perspective (i.e. I am research active) I ought to be sharing more. A colleague once said to me 'if you don't tell anyone about your research then it doesn’t' exist' or something like that I guess it comes from the same school of thought as 'publish or perish'.

So I will blog a bit more - or try to at least.....and in my next post I will give a bit of an update on where I am with my PhD. That doesn't sound that exciting I realise but may be of interest to those of you also on the PhD path...

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