Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mini Conference

I spend a day a week seconded to our Faculty of Art and Design, as well as working the research strand of their new media enterprise MA I am helping them to organise an event looking at Enterprise curriculum in Higher Education for Creative Industries. I've been responsible for generating the content of the day and so far it's looking pretty interesting. Rather than duplicate it all take a look at Media Content labs website, this is the department with in the faculty running this course. It's also quite a unique collaboration between the business school and Art School, quite appropriate for something looking at Creative Enterprise. I'll keep you all posted as this develops. For your diary it's 25th January 2006 in Birmingham UK

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Aeioux said...

Hi again - I've added your RSS feed to our blog. I hope that's okay. Best, Stef

Charlotte Carey said...

No problem at all - thanks for your interest and comments.

Dave Harte said...

And I've added a link to you from my Digital Central blog as well