Monday, December 05, 2005

What is the role of blogging in research?

Following on from my previous post I am trying to get a consensus of some sort as to what the role of blogging is within research. With Creative enterprise I intend to gradually create a place for ideas and gradually build links with others, encourage others to comment and contribute and in so doing contribute to my research. But how does this fit with the regular research process?

Okay in my reasonably limited experience there seems to be quite a lot of secrecy around people's research, with embargoes on findings and obsessions with ownership until the last piece of analysis is complete. Now I know that this is often stipulated by funding bodies, but for someone who worked in internet companies and always talked about the virtues of open source and open philosophies to content distribution the whole embargo thing seems counter intuitive.

I'm not suggesting that one has all raw data online but a certain openness with issues that arise etc.. could offer opportunities.

Maybe I'm missing something?

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Antonio Gould said...

This relates to something I've been thinking a lot about.

Maybe it's naivety on my part but I'm a great believer that ideas will become stronger when they are shared.

The open source software model shows interesting parallels.

If one opens an idea to the world then other people can add their own elements, "fix" parts of it which they feel do not work and so on.

Just as the way open source software model works, the idea naturally becomes stronger and stronger as more people give their input.

Obviously this brings up issues around ownership as you alluded to - I guess this depends on the particular situation.