Tuesday, June 03, 2008

boo bloody hoo -Yes I'm moaning

I had supervision the other day and was reminded of how far off my Gantt chart I have got. I think this is pretty usual and trying to do a part-time PhD while doing a full-time job, along with trying to be a reasonable parent is pretty tough going whatever the weather.

Anyway I was trying to work out why I cant just do the two hours every day (should be 14hrs a week) and figured my concentration span just doesn't work like that. I don't think I lack discipline, just that I am working pretty hard at most other aspects of my life and this one, well, it's hard, and at 9.pm (when the other aspects are generally asleep)I don't necessarily have the mental capability or motivation to apply myself.

So what to do? I am having some significant work/life balance issues. Having recently ditched my car I also seem to have an hour less each day! but intriguingly have aqcuired an extra two hours reading time (#onthebus). Perhaps buses could get tables then laptops would be easier to manage - that way I could do whole PhD on the bus!

I don't know how to resolve this stuff I guess I'll continue to muddle on with the constant sense of comprimise and frustrations at a job or some jobs not quite done.


Anonymous said...

Ok, whilst I'm not at all qualified to provide practical tips, having done my studies full time and lacking the other full time 'small people' job...... there is something lacking in your post - the reason why you started!

In my darkest nights of working til 5am, having 2 hours sleep then getting up for lectures, focusing on the ultimate goal (and a few sweetie self-bribes and cups of coffee) got me through.

So I'm thinking, hows about a follow-up post with the "why you're doing a Phd" might focus your mind to continue the fight!

The part-time student case studies I see all the time are full of similar conundrums - but it always seems to be a continuous grip on the "why they're doing it" that drags people through.

Hopefully there are some likeminds in similar situations out there in cyberspace to lean on - good luck!

Charlotte Carey said...

@hemminac Thanks for your comment.

And a very good question you raise. I'm sure somewhere on this blog there is some explanation as to why I'm doing it - I should probably read it.

But in the meantime will have a good think about your question and try and reflect on my motivations, might even blog about it. Although prob getting very boring for any waif and stray readers.