Monday, June 09, 2008

Women in the Creative Industries

I have a rather long and rambling blog post coming together in the background.In the mean-time I thought I'd highlight a recent-ish article, which reminded me of some of the motivations for my research. Here the lack of women in high-ranking positions in the U.K's top arts organisations is highlighted

From the first piece of research I was involved in, looking at 'social inclusion in the creative industries', I've been aware of the sector not being quite as 'right on' as perhaps, I'd originally thought or hoped. As the U.K's culture minister Margeret Hodge puts it:

"Ironically, this sector has a longer way to travel to really reflect diversity than other sectors....there is the challenge around women not just in executive positions but also in non-executive positions... We need to ensure barriers are removed."

The full article is here: More women are needed in top-ranking arts posts, says Culture minister

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